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About Us

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New Mindset

Deliver with excellence.
To create value and make a difference where we stand and in everything we do. Our commitment is to delight and bring every single brand to shine.

Accelerating Results

The MM Group works to consolidate itself as one of the most important players in the tradeshows and events industry. We develop new construction ways and many new possibilities to show your brand, which lets our market share grow constantly. At the same time we try to reduce our environmental impact. With new technologies and procedures.

35 Years in Business

We seek distinction within the mantling scenario, booths, tradeshows and events. We are using a unique combination of a local presence with global outreach. Our work methodology originates from the working principles of our sister companies in Europe and the US. Our technical capacity is huge; we engage to deliver services with quality and punctuality, absolutely vital in this event market.

360 View

Our team of architects, designers, decorators, stage designers and mantling specialists, develop all types of booths, displays, show rooms and scenarios. Careful work, with a watchful eye to tendencies. As a result, we offer innovative and exclusive designs.

You look for that partner, who complies with sharp deadlines, with no stress, who surprises the whole company and gives you the most incredible brand experience you’ve ever seen?

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